Festival 2010

The 2010 $100 Film Festival was a grand success.  As a small festival in Calgary, it is great to see it continue to grow and expand.  We had great numbers this year, and even hosted a few excellent visiting artists.

Highlights for the 2010 Festival include:

Visiting Artist, Amanda Dawn Christie - Amanda delighted audiences with her film-based performance "Transmissions".  She utilized prisms and other light-shifting devices to modify images as they left the projectors in this live performance and created a magical atmosphere that really showcased why we love film so much.  More information on her performance can be found in the 2010 Program guide, and in the critical writing documents on the $100 Film Festival website.  For more information on Amanda:

Workshop - Amanda taught several local filmmakers her performance techniques, and they proceeded to showcase their new skills at the closing ceremony of the festival.

Film/ Music Explosion! - This annual part of the festival showcased three musical acts and three lovely Super 8 films.  As an addition to this year's festival, the nightly bands also gave short performances as the audiences were filing into the theatre.

After Party - we had a fantastic after party at the Plaza Theatre on Saturday night.  It showcased performances by the attendees of Amanda's workshop and featured live music.  A good time was had by all.

Check out photos of the 2010 festival here.

Download the 2010 Program Guide .pdf here.




  • Classic Film November 2010

    by Murray Smith

    First off: it’s difficult to keep a movie this distinctive a secret, let alone a surprise. On top of that, I think it’s also the best quality 16mm print I’ve seen in the CSIF’s library to date. There’s an irony here about how well the film has aged, but I can’t tell you why just yet. But know this: there is a swimming pool, and it’s a key part of the story, though you’d probably never conjure it up otherwise. Oh, there’s comedy, drama, and plenty of Hollywoodisms (quite literally), too—but more importantly, healthy doses of subtle social commentary, outstanding writing, and memorable characters! It might also have been nominated for every Oscar ever, so at the end of the day, I have a hunch you’ll

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