2017 Festival

A quarter century. It’s a long time for anything fashioned by human hands to still be around, let alone a festival dedicated to small format film. Change happens every year, of course, but the last 12 months seem to have been particularly transformative – globally, culturally, politically. The festival and CSIF have also had their share of upheaval this past year: new spaces, new faces, and new directions plotted. Never a dull day.

What remains the same? We’re still one of only a few exclusively small-format film festivals on the planet. Our 25th year saw over 60 submissions to the festival from a dozen different countries, and we have selected titles that shed light on the rites (and wrongs) of passage; that explore the pull between inside and out; that challenge how we see our world and each other. The incredibly talented and diverse filmmakers who have contributed to the festival – this year and the 24 before it – are evergreen in their ability to push boundaries, experiment in form, and tell stories. Many of them have been influenced by Canadian Filmmaker Philip Hoffman, whom we’re thrilled to have as our visiting artist this year. Be sure to take in his talk on Friday, attend his workshop on Saturday, or say hello to him in the theatre.

We’ve added an extra evening in celebration of our 25th anniversary, and will showcase a Retrospective program on Wednesday night, researched and curated by Felicia Glatz. We’re also honored to be hosting the Analogue Film Gathering in partnership with our friends from the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA). Two days of focused conversations between representatives of the Canadian analogue film community, exchanging views and strengthening ties. Needless to say, there’s lots going on this year.

Deepest thanks to our programming jury - Nicola Waugh, Kaz Nakajima, and Felicia Glatz - who have curated 3 nights of films that speak to the constancy of change. These brief interplays of light and shadow, sound and silence, colour and monochrome are the little perversions that keep analogue film alive and well for now and for all the quarter centuries to come. Enjoy!

- Barry Thorson, Executive Director, CSIF

Programming Jury

Felicia Glatz is a local film programmer who has enjoyed an eclectic independent career in Calgary’s film scene. Informed by a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Calgary’s Film program, she has worked with a collection of local film organizations including Calgary Cinematheque and Sled Island Music and Arts Festival, and most recently CSIF’s $100 Film Festival for their 25th year retrospective program.

Kaz Nakajima is a Calgary-born and raised filmmaker. Since childhood, he has been fascinated by everything that happened around him. His highly observant and curious personality grew into storytelling and eventually evolved into filmmaking. His other passionsinclude photography, graphic arts and anything that involves using his hands to create. His film credits include: “Lost & Searching” and “Cotard” as Director, “Alice and Evee” as cinematographer. His grip credit includes: “Heartland”, “Hell on Wheels”, “Klondike” and “Fargo”.

Nicola Waugh is an independent film programmer and communications professional based in Calgary. She holds a Master’s degree from York University and Ryerson University’s joint Communication and Culture program, and was the Programming Director of the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF) and Director of the $100 Film Festival from 2012-2016. She has sat on numerous local and national juries, and was a member of the M:ST Performative Arts Festival Board of Directors from 2013-2016.