2017 Film/Music Explosion!

Since 2003, the Film/Music Explosion! has opened each night of the $100 Film Festival. The Film/Music Explosion! is an opportunity for local emerging filmmakers to create a Super 8 film based on a song. Each film is accompanied by a live performance of the song during the festival. This year we have partnered with some of Canada's most innovative musical organizations to bring you the best up and coming local artists: 

DRI HIEV is an industrial noise-punk band based in Calgary, Alberta. Mixing an aggressive assortment of guitars with a modern electronic range of programmed rhythms. Contorting between sullen moods and tantrums of rage, DRI HIEV are always fidgeting with the ideas of self-exploration and expression. 

Eric Durnford is a Calgary based Producer and Director, and a firm believer in the sanctity of dog marriage.

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Nightmarish synth punk, Torture Team will strip your ear drums bare and walk them through thenext 9 hours of your graveyard trip. Side effects may include: breathing dis-regularity, nausea,bleeding from the ears, uncontrollable sweating and pupil dilation.

Alexis Moar is a technician that works in the Calgary film industry, specializing in Camera and Lighting. She graduated from SAIT in 2012 and has been a freelancer ever since. 

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Snotty Calgary punks The Shiverettes throw unruly riffs up against a backdrop of cuntry-rock influence and spit rough, honest and tongue-in-cheek lyrics all over em. They're unabashedly feminist and don't shy away from hard truths and dark subjects. The band formed nearly four years ago with a desire to flip scripts and start important dialogues, all while channeling the riot grrrl mantra of Girls To The Front. 

Rory O'Dwyer is a lionhearted filmmaker; Rory O'Dwyer is here to entertain and engage. With a background in film theory & a wealth of real world experiences, Rory's goal is to create movies which grab their audiences by the throat and don't let go.

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